The best routes for e-bikes and mountain bikes in Canazei and surroundings.

Bikers are welcome here, if you are ready for an active holiday, riding an e-bike or a mountain bike in Canazei, at the Hotel Canazei find a suitable space, in a cozy B&B with 20 rooms with breathtaking views, located in the center of Canazei Val di Fassa.

We are pleased to share our precious information and synergies to give you the opportunity to organize excursions and adventures on two wheels during your summer holiday in Val di Fassa.

The bike routes from Canazei are scenic due to the majestic landscape, and suitable for cyclists of all skill levels. There is something for everyone, From easy bike rides on the Fassa/Fiemme cycle path ,route suitable for families, to more challenging routes for expert bikers. >

In Canazei there is also a trail in the Fassa Bike Park called Tutti frutti ndr.
We want to make sure that your holiday on two wheels is also comfortable, so we put at your disposal a series of services dedicated to bikers, including a Bike Room equipped with washing facilities, bike rental from our affiliated partners – from here go to the affiliated partners page for detailed information – agreements for organized excursions with guides, discounts and facilities, maps and transport services, routes and activities dedicated to biking available in Val di Fassa.


If you are a fan of cycling or mountain biking, Canazei is the perfect place to book your holiday stay. This pleasant mountain resort offers a wide choice of routes for road bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes, suitable for cyclists of all levels.

Let’s start with the routes that you absolutely cannot miss:

Val Jumela, Sella Brunech, Ciampac area by bike

Get ready for an off-road adventure in the silent and untouched Val Jumela.
This is one of the medium-level routes that you can tackle starting from Canazei.
First of all, we advise you to follow the valley floor cycle path which will take you from Canazei to the village of Pozza di Fassa in about 30 minutes. Here, at the Pozza playground, take the detour onto path 644 and you’re ready to begin the exciting climb.

Path 644 winds through a wide forest with a well-compacted surface, making pedaling pleasant and safe. he inclines become challenging along the way, but don’t worry, the scenery that surrounds you will make every effort worth it. In about 7.5 kilometres, you will face a drop of about 1000 metres, reaching the spectacular panoramic arrival point of Sella Brunech.

During the ascent, you will have the opportunity to make a regenerating stop at the Jumela malga, the only refreshment point along the way, a typical mountain malga, with a delicious menu.
Here you can taste local specialities and recharge before continuing the adventure. The route is in the shade, immersed in the woods up to the Jumela hut, offering an authentic and pleasant experience even on the climb.

As you gain altitude, the valley opens up and will give you ever wider and more spectacular views. You will also encounter the wide slopes of the Buffaure ski area, a tangible sign of the sporting activity of the Dolomites in every season.

Once at the top, you will reach Sella Brunech, where you will find the arrival stations of the Sella Brunech and Orsa Maggiore chairlifts. From here, the descent towards the Ciampac area begins, another fascinating area that will open up to you along the way. Following a beaten road downhill, you will face sections with steep slopes, which will make the descent even more exciting.

Continuing along the route, you will meet the top station of the cable car that goes up from Alba di Canazei to Ciampac. From here, continue your journey towards Alba di Canazei, enjoying an exciting descent that will cover a vertical drop of 550 meters in less than 3 kilometres.
From here, at the bottom of the Ciampac descent, you will be back on the cycle path, take the beaten road on your left, the one that passes through the woods and you will return to Canazei.

This off-road route through Val Jumela and Ciampac will guarantee you an adventurous and unforgettable day. A ring tour that will take you back to the Canazei Hotel. Don’t forget to bring the right equipment with you, such as a helmet, protections and a bicycle suitable for the terrain. And if you need to rent a bike or need more information, we are here for you at the Albergo Canazei. Get ready to live a unique experience in the heart of the Dolomites!

Canazei, Fedaia lake and Marmolada by bike

Here is another of the most exciting cycling adventures that Canazei has to offer: the route that takes you from the village, then from our Albergo Canazei to Lake Fedaia, at the foot of the majestic Marmolada. This itinerary, about 14 kilometers long, will lead you through woods and natural beauties and will give you a crazy experience.

Beginning from Canazei, you can start your adventure by taking the SS48 road towards Passo Fedaia. This stretch of the climb is considered the “easy” variant compared to the ascent from Malga Ciapela, but that doesn’t mean you should underestimate it, especially in the last stretch, which can prove challenging. The road follows the natural narrowing of the Val di Fassa up to Passo Fedaia, and we advise you to follow the SS641 after passing through the center of Canazei and past the first roundabout.

As you start pedalling, you will cross Alba di Canazei and reach Penia, the last village in the valley. Here the slopes increase slightly and the official ascent begins. Through hairpin bends and straights, you will get closer and closer to your goal. Along the way, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Pian Trevisan and admire the tunnels in the distance that you will pass through in the final stretches of the ascent.

The galleries you will come across are partially dug into the mountain and supported by pillars, creating a suggestive atmosphere and allowing the external light to filter inside, illuminating the path.
In this most demanding section, it is important to dose your energies and not exaggerate your effort, because the hardest part is yet to come. In fact, after passing a small stream, the slopes rise further and you will arrive at the series of tunnels you glimpsed earlier. Don’t worry, it will only be 2 kilometers, but it will require some extra effort.

The road continues with straight stretches and the tunnels follow each other slowly, allowing us to appreciate the surrounding environment at a speed of about 10 km/h. The last tunnel, different from the others, goes completely into the mountain and is illuminated by spotlights. When you see it, you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as the gradient will decrease slightly and, after about 200 metres, you will come out directly at Passo Fedaia, at an altitude of 2,057 metres.

Reaching Passo Fedaia will be a moment of triumph and satisfaction.
As soon as you arrive you can enjoy the spectacular view of the lake below and the magnificent Marmolada, the queen of the Dolomites.
Here a break to admire the view and recharge your batteries before embarking on the return to Canazei, or you can decide to further explore the surroundings, perhaps with a panoramic walk around the lake, advancing you will pass from Trentino to the Veneto region.

The itinerary up to Lake Fedaia is a fascinating challenge for passionate cyclists, but requires good physical conditions and a bike suitable for the route.
Otherwise, using an e-bike, even the less trained can reach the top.
Make sure you bring the necessary equipment, such as a helmet, clothing suitable for the weather, protein foods and enough water.

How to reach Passo Pordoi by bike?

Passo Pordoi is one of the most iconic passes in the Dolomites and reaching it by bike is an unforgettable experience, even if you are not part of the Giro d’Italia.
Here is some useful information:

How long is the ascent of Passo Pordoi?

The ascent to Passo Pordoi starts from Canazei, right from our hotel.
The route is approximately 9 km long, with an average gradient of 6.9% and a positive difference in height of approximately 593 metres. It’s a demanding challenge, but the beauty of the landscapes you’ll encounter along the way will repay any effort.
Choose the bike that’s right for you.

How many bends to climb from Canazei to Passo Pordoi?

During the ascent to Passo Pordoi from Canazei, you will face 33 hairpin bends that wind through the Dolomites. These switchbacks offer not only an opportunity to catch your breath, but also a spectacular panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.
Every curve you will meet a picture of the Dolomites!

To reach the Pordoi Pass by bike from Canazei, follow the panoramic road that will lead you through the suggestive granite peaks of the Dolomites. Along the way, you will be able to admire the most important imposing peaks such as Marmolada, Sassolungo, Sassopiatto, Sella Group.


Val di Fassa offers so many opportunities for mountain bike lovers.
Here are some suggestions for places to explore:

Where to find the MTB routes in Canazei?

Canazei and its surroundings are the ideal starting point for MTB adventures
A must for mountain bike lovers is the Val di Fassa Bike Park.
This amusement park for bikers offers a vast network of trails dedicated to mountain biking, with different levels of difficulty. You can challenge yourself on demanding routes or enjoy a pleasant descent suitable for everyone.
You can reach the Val di Fassa Bike Park by going up from Canazei, with the cable car which is located 50 meters from our hotel. Organized services and well-kept trails that will allow you to live an unforgettable experience.

Tracks for MTB bikes Canazei

Canazei is surrounded by numerous paths and mountain bike trails. You can choose routes suitable for beginners or challenging high-altitude routes for experts.

To fully enjoy the mountain bike experience in Canazei, make sure you have chosen a mountain bike that suits your needs. If you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent yours from one of our partners, you can find them on the Synergies and Conventions page here on the site.

The Fiemme and Fassa Dolomites Cycle Path

The Fiemme and Fassa Dolomites Cycle Path is a 42 km long, very scenic cycle path that connects the two valleys through breathtaking landscapes. One of the recommended itineraries starts from Canazei and takes you towards Moena passing all the villages of the Val di Fassa and then continues towards Predazzo where the Val di Fiemme opens up spectacularly.

This itinerary will allow you to explore the alpine villages of the Val di Fassa, enjoying a well-signposted and safe cycle path. Along the cycle path, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic panoramas of the Dolomites, passing through wooded slopes, green meadows and crystal clear lakes.

The cycle path of the Fiemme and Fassa Dolomites is perfect for a pleasant bicycle excursion, both for families and for more expert cyclists. Along the way, you will find several equipped rest areas, where you can relax and eat something good.
Remember to bring the appropriate equipment with you, such as a helmet and water bottle, and to respect the safety rules posted along the route.

Canazei Val di Fassa/Rifugio Valmaggiore/Lago di Cece cycle path and return to Canazei.

A beautiful ring!
Be careful, adventurous cyclist, because I am about to share with you a challenging, long but rewarding journey that will lead you through the natural sceneries of Val di Fassa and Val di Fiemme.
Ready to test your skills? Then get ready for the long ride that will take you to the Valmaggiore refuge and the suggestive Cece lake before returning to Canazei.

Prima di tutto, ricorda che questo percorso richiede una buona preparazione fisica.

First of all, remember that this route requires good physical preparation. Get ready to pedal calmly, because with the right determination and patience, any challenge can be faced. The climb that will take you to the Valmaggiore refuge will be particularly demanding, with slopes ranging between 10% and 22%. When you need to catch your breath, you can enjoy a short section with a 10% gradient.

Keep in mind that the first 4 kilometers will be on a narrow paved road, so watch out for cars both on the way up and down. Once you reach the Valmaggiore Refuge, take a well-deserved break to recharge your batteries. After this brief regenerating break, a descent awaits you and a crossroads to the right which will take you uphill for about 4 kilometers and conquer another 350 meters in altitude towards the suggestive Lake Cece. During this part of the route, the gradients will be more moderate, ranging between 3% and 8%. Despite the effort required, you will be amply rewarded by the beauty of Lake Cece. The enchanting view and serene atmosphere will make every effort worth it.

Remember to bring all the necessary equipment with you to tackle this cycling adventure. A protective helmet, weather-appropriate clothing, and sufficient food and water are essential to ensure your safety and comfort along the way.


We at Albergo Canazei are organized to make your experience on two wheels even more enjoyable. We offer some useful services such as secure storage for your bikes, so you can sleep easy knowing your faithful companions are safe. Furthermore, we have special agreements with bicycle rental shops in Canazei, which will allow you to rent high-quality bikes at advantageous rates, as well as maps and vouchers for organized excursions.

If you are interested in exploring Val di Fassa and its surroundings, the bike bus is an excellent option for transporting bicycles. The Val di Fassa bike bus is a comfortable and practical service that allows you to easily reach the starting points of the most popular bike routes.

You can load your mountain bike or road bike onto the bus and let it take you to the starting point of your chosen route. It’s a convenient way to explore the area and enjoy your two-wheeled adventure without having to worry about arranging transportation.


The bike bus in Val di Fassa is free for those who have the Val di Fassa Guest Card, if you stay with us you can ask for it at the reception of Albergo Canazei at the time of check-in and make the most of the services dedicated to bikers.

We are waiting for you here in Canazei. We will also be happy to provide you with information, route maps and advice and suggestions to make your Bike oriented experience complete.

Are you looking for the two-wheeled adventure of your dreams?

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Book your stay, get ready to explore the best road and mountain bike trails this region has to offer.

We are ready to welcome you with a smile and make your holiday very pleasant!!